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Test Center

+ Fluidized Bed Classifying Jet Mill
+ Lab Classifying Jet Mill
+ Energy Saving Jet Mill
+ Rotary Classifying Jet Mill
+ Jet Pulverizer
+ Inert Gas Protection Classifying Jet Mill
+ Turbine Air Jet Mill
+ Steam Jet Mill
+ Nano Steam Jet Mill

+ Precision Air Classifier
+ O-Sepa High Efficiency Air Classifier
+ Multi-grade Air Classifier

+ Classifying Impact Mill
+ Impact Mill
+ Centrifugal Impact Mill
+ Shaping Mill

+ Abrasive Powder Classifying Jet Mill/ Shaping
+ Diamond Classifying Jet Mill/shaping Mill
+ Rare Earth Polishing Classifying Jet Mill
+ Glass Beads Classifying Jet Mill
+ Pharmaceutical&food Superfine Pulverizer
+ Highly Reactive Powder Pulverizer
+ Pesticide Industry-specific Jet Mill
+ Petroleum Coke Grinding Machine
+ Silicon Jet Mill
+ Beans Ultrafine Pulverizer
+ Battery Material Classifying Pulverizer
+ Graphite Spheroidization Mill
+ Sulfur Pulverizer

+ Bag Collector
+ Filtration Collector
+ Anti-explosion Collector
+ Anti-static Collector
+ Cyclonic Collector
+ Workshop Purification System
+ Glove Box

+ Ultrafine Powder Processing Line
+ Fly Ash/steel Slag/ Water Slag Superfine Powder Production Line
+ Powder Pneumatic Conveying
+ Waste Circuit Board Separation Pulverizing Line






























The company has full-scale, advanced technology and equipment powder processing test center, includes laser Particle Size Analyzer, electro microscopy, etc ,and our product is customized to meet user’s requirements of different particle size. Pioneering the use of professional Hydrodynamics software FLUENT to simulate and analyse the whole flow field of jet mill, which can simulate the gas-solid flow field of jet mill , analyse the parameter of grinding and classifying and flow. All of these offer the conditions for the use’s specific requirement design.
SEM Scanner
Surface area analyzer
Specific Gravity Tester tap
Electron Microscopy
Moisture Analyzer
Three Coordinate Measuring Instrument
Full-automatic Three Axis Image Measuring Instrument
portable Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
The Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument
3d Handheld Scanning And Measurement System