Specialized powder equipment, we are your best choice.

+ Fluidized Bed Classifying Jet Mill
+ Lab Classifying Jet Mill
+ Energy Saving Jet Mill
+ Rotary Classifying Jet Mill
+ Jet Pulverizer
+ Inert Gas Protection Classifying Jet Mill
+ Turbine Air Jet Mill
+ Steam Jet Mill
+ Nano Steam Jet Mill

+ Precision Air Classifier
+ O-Sepa High Efficiency Air Classifier
+ Multi-grade Air Classifier

+ Classifying Impact Mill
+ Impact Mill
+ Centrifugal Impact Mill
+ Shaping Mill

+ Abrasive Powder Classifying Jet Mill/ Shaping
+ Diamond Classifying Jet Mill/shaping Mill
+ Rare Earth Polishing Classifying Jet Mill
+ Glass Beads Classifying Jet Mill
+ Pharmaceutical&food Superfine Pulverizer
+ Highly Reactive Powder Pulverizer
+ Pesticide Industry-specific Jet Mill
+ Petroleum Coke Grinding Machine
+ Silicon Jet Mill
+ Beans Ultrafine Pulverizer
+ Battery Material Classifying Pulverizer
+ Graphite Spheroidization Mill
+ Sulfur Pulverizer

+ Bag Collector
+ Filtration Collector
+ Anti-explosion Collector
+ Anti-static Collector
+ Cyclonic Collector
+ Workshop Purification System
+ Glove Box

+ Ultrafine Powder Processing Line
+ Fly Ash/steel Slag/ Water Slag Superfine Powder Production Line
+ Powder Pneumatic Conveying
+ Waste Circuit Board Separation Pulverizing Line























Thousands of equipments have been supplied to customers from all over the world in many fields such as chemicals, food& pharmaceuticals, new materials, new energy etc.
1.Non-metal ores:Coarse whiting, light calcium, calcium oxide, kaolin, barite, mica, quartz, talc, wollastonite, bentonite, potassium feldspar, andalusite, brucite, montmorillonite, graphite, garnet, diatomite, bauxite, petroleum coke, coal, magnesite stone, perlite, attapulgite, spinel, tourmaline, medical stone, etc...
2.Chemical materials: alumina, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, zinc oxide, precipitated barium sulfate, flame retardants, fiber, calcium phosphate, yttrium oxide, foaming agent, white carbon black, black carbon black, silica gel, strontium carbonate, low glass powder, aluminum silicate, aluminum silicate zeolite, silicate, catalyst, PTFE, polyethylene powder, PVC, ABS, PTFE resin, epoxy resin, etc....
3.New materials: functional ceramic material, high purity silicon materials, fluorescent powder, glass beads reflective material, electric light powder, etc...
4.Pharmaceutical and food: traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) : angelica, green tea, and west shawl, salvia miltiorrhiza, ganoderma lucidum spore and cordyceps sinensis, myrobalan, notoginseng, acanthopanax, ganoderma powder, konjac powder, notoginseng, xianggu mushroom, ginseng, sheep placenta, pine pollen, bee pollen, jacket, puerarin, licorice powder, jujube, Chinese wolfberry, balsam pear, deer bone powder, ginkgo ginkgo, etc Western medicine: methenamine, ibuprofen, theophylline, helo it azole, vitamin C, black cohosh, carbamazepine, wine chamfer, nim horizon, turtle powder, fenofibrate, acyclovir, albendazole, nim horizon, beauty Luo Xikang, fenofibrate, amoxicillin, indomethacin, armor, acid, flapping m ketone flumequine, heart rate, flat, hydroxyl fibrin food: food, size difference, coral calcium powder, bone meal, konjac, starch, cellulose, etc...
5.Pesticides:herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and wettability powder, mildew antibacterial agent, pyrazole insect flies, organism amidine, carbendazim, clotrimazole, probenazole, etc
6.Battery material: cobalt acid lithium, manganese acid lithium, lithium iron phosphate, nickel and cobalt acid lithium cobalt, nickel manganese acid lithium, lithium iron phosphate, manganese dioxide, lithium carbonate, cobalt oxide, lithium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide, single water of ferrous oxalate, graphite (spherical, scales), etc...
7.Super hard material: silicon carbide (black, green), boron carbide, diamond, white corundum, zircon sand, zirconia, rare earth polishing materials, tungsten carbide, silicon nitride, chromium carbide, chromium oxide, corundum, chromium corundum, grinding wheel, neodymium oxide, natural colored sand, etc
8.Metal powder:aluminum powder, copper powder, zinc powder, iron powder, tin powder, cobalt powder, nickel powder, tantalum, niobium powder, silver powder, stainless steel powder, copper tin lead powder, copper powder, copper, iron powder, molybdenum iron powder, lead, tin alloy iron, copper, iron powder, etc...
9.Ceramic building materials:Ultrafine cement, water, slag, fly ash, bituminous, gypsum, slag, quick lime, silica fume, glass powder, etc
10.Other materials: fluorescent pigments, iron oxide red, chrome oxide green, phthalocyanine cobalt blue, zinc oxide, lithopone, benzidine orange, toluidine red, vermilion, mica titanium pearl pigment, dyes, fluorescent whitening agent, wax coal, clay, electronic waste, fir skin, moss, garbage, soap, wax, etc